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An experienced Indianapolis drug crime attorney is well-versed in the complexities of drug cases and how to deal with complex criminal proceedings. You want a drug defense attorney who wisely navigates evidentiary matters, while protecting your constitutional rights and ensuring that a conviction will not result from illegal search and arrest procedures. If you are accused of drug possession, you should immediately seek the services of an Indianapolis drug crime defense lawyer to help defend your constitutional rights.


In many states, the charges related to drug possession are considered misdemeanors, but if you have a first-time offense, your case may be treated as a felony in most jurisdictions. The laws that govern the enforcement of these penalties can be confusing and many times are not clearly defined.


For example, federal drug crimes are often punished by lengthy prison sentences or harsh mandatory minimums. Federal prosecution of possession charges are often carried out using state courts. When the case is brought in state court, there is often a lack of legal expertise.


In addition, a level 3 felony conviction for drug possession may also result in a jail sentence and a significant amount of time on parole or probation. An Indianapolis drug defense lawyer will be able to provide assistance in determining which charges to file against you based upon the state laws that govern your case, including the penalties associated with drug charges.


The charges related to drug possession in Indiana include possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, possession with intent to distribute, use, possession with intent to deliver, possession for sale, distribution, possession with intent to distribute, etc. A conviction can result in fines, incarceration, and other serious consequences. There are drug treatment programs available in the community to help people overcome their addiction, but a conviction can be difficult to fight.


An Indianapolis drug attorney can represent you when the charges of drug possession in Indiana are brought before a jury. Your Indianapolis criminal attorney can discuss the intricacies of the charge with you and help you prepare to defend your constitutional rights.


It is a good idea to discuss the charges with your lawyer early in the case in order to ensure that you understand the charges and are fully prepared to defend yourself. The charges may also include a probation violation or other jail time that may affect your ability to defend yourself at trial.


An Indianapolis criminal lawyer will work closely with you to make sure that the charges and punishment fit your particular situation. The defense lawyer will review the police reports and make sure that they reflect all of the facts.


The penalties may include imprisonment, fines, community service, probation, fines and other incarceration, as well as mandatory drug testing, drug treatment, and other punishments that can be imposed on the defendant. The cost to defend a drug possession case can be substantial and will depend on the seriousness of the offense. Your Indianapolis criminal lawyer can work with you to set up a payment plan that allows you to pay your expenses while you are working towards your goal. This can include expenses related to travel, housing, childcare, and any other costs that may arise.

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